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Grinzing and the surrounding areas

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Heurige in Grinzing and the Surrounding Areas

Grinzing is famous for being one of the best Vienna Heurigen places.


A Heuriger is a wine tavern, known for its comfortable and cozy atmosphere. It usually has a traditional rustic interior and serves its own wine and food. Heuriger’s culture is an important part of Austria's cultural history.

There are more than 25 Heurigen in Grinzing and the surrounding areas, each with its own unique special history, atmosphere, wine and food. Heurigen have different working hours. Watch out for the symbolic pine twig, a sign that this Heuriger is open.  However it is better to check in advance to see which Heuriger is open now - you can find this information on our website.

Heurige, buschenschänken and restaurants in Grinzing and the surrounding areas (in alphabetical order)

Heurige & Restaurants
Heurige with Live Music
Heurige with Playground for Children
Heurige with Organic Wine
Heurige and Buschenschänken with Panoramic Views
What is an Austrian Heuriger?

The word “heuriger” means “this year”. The history of Heuriger dates back to the 18th century, when Emperor Joseph II in 1784 issued a permit to wine growers to sell their own wine and juices at their premises.


Initially a Heuriger was a simple tavern, located near the vineyards, where winemakers served their wine and offered simple food. Now Heurigen offer wine, a traditional self-service buffet along with à la carte menus and can be located close to the vineyards. Buschenschank is a wine tavern where a winegrower serves his products – wine, beverages, cold dishes.  The name goes back to the old tradition of hanging  a pine twig, the so-called "Buschen", above the entrance during  opening hours.

Traditionally Heurigen and Buschenschänke work for a  limited period of time in the year, but nowadays some of them are open all year round. Heurigen and Buschenschänke mark their opening by placing “Buschen” and the words  "Ausg'steckt!".

Each Heuriger/Buschenschank has its own individual and amazing atmosphere. Wooden tables with benches inside and under chestnut trees in the garden, old photos, graphics and paintings by local artists, everyday objects of past centuries, old equipment for the production of wine – all this makes each Heuriger quite unique.

The most important thing is of course the wine, carefully produced by the winemaker, and the food – meats, cheeses, salads, and bread.

Do not miss the Heuriger's traditional live music, which is called Schrammel, usually a trio: violin, accordion, guitar - great fun and very soulful.

Food and Drinks at Heurigen


The typical dish in Heuriger and Buschenschank is the Brettljause, which consists of cold cuts, ham, sausages, bacon, cheeses, soft boiled eggs, and pickled stuff.

Classical Heuriger buffet is very popular, it includes cold meats and poultry, ham, smoked meat, sausages, bacon, variety of cheeses, lard, pickled vegetables, boiled eggs, bread, potato, pastries, salads, local fruits and vegetables.

Menu à la carte is presented in most Heuriger and Restaurants and offers traditional Austrian dishes like schnitzel, goulasch, different beef, pork, chicken dishes, soups, salads, and sausages.



Wine is presented in wide varieties, the most popular are Grüner Veltliner (white), Welschriesling (white), Zweigelt (red), Blaufränkisch (red). Wine can be purchased by the glass, bottle or carafe. Wine  served in a Heuriger in a carafe is usually the so-called Gemischter Satz, which means a  blend of different grape varieties.


Once a year a wine tasting competition is held in Döbling district (Grinzing is a part of Döbling). Check our webpage devoted to wine if you want to try the wines that are the winners this year.


Early autumn is a time for Sturm and Most.

Most is fresh grape or  fruit juice, the first step in the wine making process. The most popular is made out of grape.

Sturm is the older grape juice, new wine in the process of fermentation, it can be more or less alcoholic. Be careful, sturm is unexpectedly potent despite its fresh and light taste.

And do not forget to say "Zum Wohl" or "Prosit" that means "to your health" when clinking glasses!

Wine tasting.jpg

Schrammel music is a typical Heuriger music genre.


The music played today in Grinzing is live music in the true sense of the word "live" - ​​as a rule, a trio of accordion, violin and guitar playing cheerful music to raise your mood and compliment your food and beverage consumption.


According to your desire musicians can perform the works of Strauss, Moscow Nights, and other world famous hits. However listening to Schrammel music and its sounds, combined with the taste of traditional tasty food, fine local wine, the specific interior and dishes, will help you to experience the full flavour of the atmosphere of a traditional Viennese Heuriger. Something you re unlikely forget!