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Grinzing and the surrounding areas

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Heurige in Grinzing and the Surrounding Areas

Grinzing is famous for being one of the best Vienna Heurigen places.


A Heuriger is a wine tavern, known for its comfortable and cozy atmosphere. It usually has a traditional rustic interior and serves its own wine and food. Heuriger’s culture is an important part of Austria's cultural history.

There are more than 25 Heurigen in Grinzing and the surrounding areas, each with its own unique special history, atmosphere, wine and food. Heurigen have different working hours. Watch out for the symbolic pine twig, a sign that this Heuriger is open.  However it is better to check in advance to see which Heuriger is open now - you can find this information on our website.

Heurige, buschenschänken and restaurants in Grinzing and the surrounding areas (in alphabetical order)

Heurige & Restaurants
Heurige with Live Music
Heurige with Playground for Children
Heurige with Organic Wine
Heurige and Buschenschänken with Panoramic Views